2024 Rat Calendar


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Howdy all! I’m makin’ a calendar!

The specs:

  • Calendar will measure 8.5″x22″ when open on your wall
  • it will feature no less than 12 insane rats to keep you company throughout 2024 with wise and inspirational messages
  • spiral bound
  • rad as hell
  • full color
  • little hole at the top to hang from a nail or whatever
  • heavy duty coated matte paper to fulfill all your print dreams
  • rated PG-13 at LEAST but probably R

That’s it.

Preorders open until November 17th, at which point they will close forever and calendars will be purchased from my printers ASAP to give the best possible chances for Christmas delivery.

We are aiming for a Christmas delivery date but I can’t promise it’ll work out for everyone; shipping is a bitch near of the end of the year.
Still, I will do my best.

That’s it! I’m excited as hell about this one guys and I hope you have fun with a year of RAT.

$10 flat rate shipping for US, $20 for international.


If you order anything else on my site along with your calendar (thank you!) you will have to pay two separate shippings! The reason for this is that I will be handling all the shipping for calendars myself out of my room with my own two hands, while the other products are handled through a third party. Thanks for understanding!

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