Do you take commissions?
Only if it’s fucking SICK and I can do whatever I want, or if it’s a commercial project with a budget of $5K or more. Otherwise, no probably not.

Will you draw my tattoo?
Also no, sorry.

Do you sell tattoo tickets?
No but I really don’t care if you tattoo my art on your bod. You’re an adult, do what you want.
Send pics:

Can you sign it?
Unless it is specifically a limited edition print that comes signed and numbered, no sorry.

Are you the rat?
Sort of, but not exactly. All of my art is me and not me.

Will you sell (specific painting) as a print or a shirt?
Maybe? Shoot me an e-mail with a request and we’ll talk.

Can I get a refund or a replacement on my order?
Probably! Please visit this page to read my return policy.

Please direct any further questions to me at:


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